The Precariously Raising Orthography

He Was The King


Website traffic

I've been using a traffic software lately that's working great. It measures the amount of traffic that a website has and I really need that in order to improve my business. It's been working great so I've been making some changes and it's great. I can really recommend that you use a software like this if you've got a website that sells products or services. I've going to keep using this software to make more improvements over time and I really hope that it's going to work. I started out using the software because I heard that it would ...

school start

The start of the Dutch school was pretty chaotic. A few of the students were not there without saying and others had to search for the right classroom. How is it possible that a few parents forgot to come after a lot of announcements but of course they are responsible for them self. Any way finally this school is also back on track. Our kids were thrilled to begin and they were also curious for the new students. They were not shy at all as I expected they would be. And it was also nice to see all the parents ...

Lunch talk

Today I met Pierre. He’s a French guy who’s trying to sell computer equipment to institutions all over Europe. He has two children and travels a lot for his work, which he doesn’t really like. However, he is also hesitating to bring his children and wife, as he’s a bit afraid to travel with them. Together with another friend we had a good lunch at a restaurant and discussed the nice and not so nice things of having children and particularly of having two. It was very nice to hear how other people think about these things.